Anjali Deshmukh

Out of Bounds. Digital print, 44x32. 2009.
Imagine a game of environmental invention, one aspect of Lila, the game of cosmic creation. You are standing across from an opponent on the other side of a huge gameboard, where the Elements of earth, wind, water, and heat re-design geographic boundaries. You and your opponent are given glass game pieces, and the aim is to throw your shards of glass, using the Elements (micro-manifested on the board) to create a perfect circle that must land in the center of the board. Your glass is an extension of your artifice. Do you believe in utopia?

The Out of Bounds game board is a theory of Utopia in my practice of post-rational formalism, creating a feedback loop between aesthetic decisions and systems. The game board becomes a generator that produces unexpected narrative within and outside the boundaries of its fiction: within the logic of the game, it is a roulette wheel of fictional and real landscapes, combinations of elements that strive for perfection but can’t escape from randomness. Outside the game is the Story of the game; a history of its players and all the people and things around its making and playing. Threads spun from the game, inside the boundaries of its playing, or in the self-conscious awareness of its fiction, spread out.