Anjali Deshmukh

Just keep going. Digital print, 43"x44". 2011. 

Pulses of Light (excerpt)

"Min and I met six years ago, just a few days before Aral was wiped from the map. We were very lucky. Aral is the reason that Min is pregnant."

I looked up from my notes and attempted to mask the painful skepticism that shot from my eyes. Before our divorce, she'd always said that that look drove her crazy."I know you both have been through a lot, but I don't have time today to discuss any more of your superstitions. We need to get Min started on her treatment. She's not well, and the transport vehicle leaves Hoover in twenty minutes. We won't be back here for another 8 weeks."

"One and the same, they are."

"It's true," said Min, looking out the cutout window of the small tent jutting from the side of our transport vehicle. The two of them sat on a small cot, sunken in the middle. Their shoulders slumped into one another.

"It's how we fell in love. It is the stream that made today what it is." READ MORE