Anjali Deshmukh
Making a Way Home. Digital print, 66x40. 2011. See detail
Imagine you’re standing across from an opponent on the other side of a huge gameboard, where our complex, jumbled reality is visualized using the Elements of earth, wind, water, and heat. You and your opponent are stranded some place in the world, and your goal is to find a path home within the rules of the game. Do you even know where home is? Within the logic of the game, Making a Way Home is a theoretical roulette wheel of real landscapes-- marked by longitude and latitude-- and a map defined by something other than space. It is a game that reflects reality, rather than the possibility of Out of Bounds. It is in my practice of 'post-rational formalism', retro-crafting logic in aesthetic to find matches of reality in the 'intentionalized randomnness' of form.