Anjali Deshmukh
Weapon Legends. Digital print, 62.5"x62.5". 2006-7. Weapon Legends is the system generating the Conflict Salt Stories (Oil Through a Prism on the Arabian Sea, What Could Have Happened...). Referencing a dharma chakra, sundial, and the Indian Flag, it is a catalog of weapons, grouped by symbol into their purpose - nerve agents, nuclear bombs, lachrymatories, pulmonary agents, herbicides, pesticides, and many more. Each weapon also has a unique color coding, defined on the outer edge of the two circular forms bisecting one another. The process is derived from the coding system that the US military used during the Vietnam War to identify the Rainbow Herbicides-- the most famous of which was Agent Orange. In the process of rational formalism, this system generated a simple story exploring fictional vehicles that carried these weapons: salt crystals, alluding to the Salt Satyagraha of 1930 in India and the African diamond trade.