Anjali Deshmukh
Statement and Info
Home of the Image (Theory 1)

One possiblility: the home of the image is the intersection, the bounded space between information (true or false), form, chance, concept, and choice. There is an inevitable tension in the push and pull of these principles along the borders of our enclosed space as they infinitely stretch and take their turns prevailing - or territorializing - over the prison - or cocoon- of the image.

This is the truest moment of the image; concept may dominate, chance may cower, form may crawl, but without their walls, you have... an abomination of randomness; a stunted growth; stolen fingers, a sale, a sell; in which your corridors of mirrors suffer from a willful ignorance of the laws of gravity, asking you to sleep on the wall and stand on the ceiling. But that’s... resignedly ok. Because you can still rest.

Then... there’s freedom. The appealing absence of home, where the parents of the Image keep their doors and windows eternally open. This is the misery of the never complete image that can’t stop searching for its conclusion. An endless searching for the ideal, unable to accept that concept and chance and form and information and choice can’t meet, can’t find even a lurid equilibrium.

Of course, you can’t miss the irony. The Theory of the home of the image comes under the scrutiny of its own making. In the overunning entangled landscape of abominations, sales, and our gorgeous glimpses into imperfect epiphany, can the Theory possibly, possibly be protected by home’s walls, live up to its own reality? I’m not so sure. But at least the doors are closed.

Published in September 2011 Issue of Itch Magazine,