Anjali Deshmukh
Statement and Info
Home of the Image (Theory 2)

Imagine a void of space, out of which appears an infinite number of 'points.' The actor that makes our points appear is unimportant. Perhaps they are created by the perceiver, perhaps they're simply perceived by the perceiver when circumstance and experience cause it to be so. Leaving that aside.

Each so called point is a kind of 'thing.' A metaphor, an object, a situation, a feeling, a time, a place, a piece of information--true or false--any thing. Each thing is made up of things. If we were to go closer, we would find a little universe of points clustered to create any point...

It is natural that the purpose of the artist is to lift out of that space a constellation of points that, through the nature of their design, the structure of their pattern, create a 2-,3-, or 4-dimensional concept. This is the nascent image or art, the architecture of the image that pumps lifeblood into its visual or fictional conclusion. It can be pretty amazing to look at in and of itself, sometimes, this self-named meta-art.

If an artist is similar to a scientist, it is most evident here. Every visual conclusion drawn from that concept is the post-rationalization, the critical analysis and careful observation of this concept architecture. We walk around it, we walk inside of it, we walk underneath it, and from each angle, we capture a different perspective. We might even hypothesize and test the outcomes of interacting with our concept architecture. If light hits our concept here, what pattern might it lift in the interior?, for example.

Of course, to call it a scientific process is beyond absurd. How many scientists would spend their careers studying the anatomy and behaviors of a chimera?